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Alternative Dispute Resolution

ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ADR), an increasingly common avenue for settling disputes, provides the opportunity for parties to exercise greater control and flexibility over the way a dispute is resolved.


Depending on the type of ADR, parties would be able to select the appropriate decision-maker(s) for their dispute by consensus. Additionally, they may even choose the applicable law, location and language of the proceedings. All this would result in a relatively faster and cheaper process, as parties are free to devise the most efficient procedures for their dispute.


In keeping with the times and needs of our clients, we are well versed in the areas of ARBITRATION, ADJUDICATION (under the Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012 or otherwise) and MEDIATION as alternative dispute resolution methods.

The Partners of our Firm are also Adjudicators paneled with the Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC).

We oversee these methods involving commercial, non-commercial and construction, oil & gas or engineering disputes. We help you to manage and resolve disputes by understanding your business, identifying potential areas of conflict and finding ways to avoid them.

Our role is to decide on the most suitable mode of ADR and provide a clear and objective solution to our clients, to help them solve disputes as quickly and effectively as possible.

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