Wong Pei Yie

LLB (Hons) Liverpool

Pei Yie graduated from the University of Liverpool with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (Hons) in 2020.  

Pei Yie is primarily involved in construction and general litigation matters. She also assists the Partners in arbitration, adjudication and advisory matters.

What our clients say about us

Bryan represented my family in a dispute involving ownership of land. We engaged him to take over the matter from another legal firm. We had been stuck in that legal suit for 3 years without much progress. Bryan came on board and resolved the suit in just a few months. It was not just his comprehension of land law which we appreciated, but his ability to negotiate effectively with the other parties to secure a favourable settlement of the matter. He knew what we wanted and worked towards obtaining that outcome. We avoided the uncertainties of trial and yet got the result sought. To us, that is more important than “winning” a case. That is why I immediately agreed when he asked me for a testimonial. I would recommend Bryan and Ho Partnership to anyone looking for legal advice.

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Eric Lam


Solid Pack (M) Sdn. Bhd.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ho Partnership to anyone seeking top-notch legal services. I have regularly engaged Wilson Ho and his team consisting of Gary Hwang and Pei Yie for all my legal issues. The most notable success is when they have managed to defend and win a Court case for my company. They have also advised me many times on corporate contracts and deals, ensuring that my company's rights are protected. Their expertise, dedication, and client-centered approach are what makes me feel comfortable in hiring them as my lawyers. We are immensely grateful for their services and are confident in their abilities to deliver exceptional legal representation.

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Eden Tang Chee Hui


Skyboard Media Sdn Bhd & VentureGrab Sdn Bhd

2019年的时候,是我人生第一次打官司。还记得那年是我一位老师介绍 Bryan 给我的,因为老师曾跟 Bryan 交接过并且官司胜诉。

非常感恩自己虽第一次打官司遇到的是一家专业的律师团队 ——— Bryan Ho 与他的团队 Kai Hwei、Kimberly Ng 。


在低谷的这段期间,他们陪伴着我 鼓励着我前行的同时也给了我很多专业的法律意见。他们不仅仅是我专业的律师团队,也是我人生中非常感恩遇见的良师益友。

English Translation

2019 was the first time in my life that I commenced a legal suit. I still remember that one of my mentors introduced Bryan to me that year, because the teacher had dealt with Bryan and won in that suit.

I am very grateful that although it was my first time commencing a legal suit, I met a professional team of lawyers——Bryan Ho and his team, Kai Hwei and Kimberly Ng.

From preparing documents to commencing legal actions, we had countless online and offline meetings, and they were extremely attentive, cautious and responsible every step of the way. Throughout the entire period, I witnessed first hand their unwavering commitment, as they dedicated their hearts and minds entirely to my legal suits.

During this challenging period, they stood by me, providing encouragement to persevere and offering valuable legal guidance. They are not just my legal team, but also mentors and supportive friends whom I am deeply grateful to have encountered in my life.

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Stella Ng



I was introduced to Bryan by a senior lawyer a couple of years ago. He came highly recommended in the area of construction law and civil disputes. At that time, one of my development companies was locked in a legal tussle with a major sub-contractor and we urgently required fresh legal representation. We had to defend against a multi-million dollar suit and at the same time resist execution proceedings from a prior adjudication decision. The Ho Partnership team including Kimberly and Kai Hwei were accurate in their advice and swift in their action.


Aside from construction law disputes, I have personally engaged the same team for other fast-paced corporate and commercial disputes, and they have returned favourable outcomes. The fee, I must admit, was higher than anticipated but the value received extended beyond the courtroom. I witnessed first hand the team’s thorough preparation in their office, where every glass wall of the meeting room was scribbled with what they call case theories, and trial notes. We even spent days before the trial thoroughly preparing for it. Seeing that provided me with the peace of mind that I was in safe hands.


I must commend Bryan, Kimberly and Kai Hwei for their exceptional effort and unwavering commitment. Thus, I have no hesitation in writing this testimonial and recommending them to others.

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Dato' S


Public-Listed Development Company

We have engaged Ho Partnership for various matters, often involving complicated legal issues. Being involved in corporate restructuring, we often seek the services of Wilson and his team. They have a very hands-on approach to matters and have consistently given practical solutions in our favour, resulting also in numerous court victories and resolutions.

Wilson is a true professional and has strong advocacy skills. He is committed to cases which are before him. He is also knowledgable and an astute observer. Because issues and disputes in insolvency matters varies from case to case, Wilson’s experience in this field helps us as he can navigate and handle each case with precision and clarity, ensuring optimal outcomes for us.

Gary is a very focused lawyer and yet has the ability to see the big picture. He also demonstrates exceptional attention to the facts of the case and is efficient at his work. Hermione, Kai Hwei and Kimberly are all dynamic lawyers who bring a vibrant and proactive approach to their work. Their enthusiasm and vitality are evident in their dedication to advocating our cases and achieving positive outcomes.

I will surely recommend Wilson and his team from Ho Partnership for any legal matters.

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Dato' Nabhesh Khanna

Senior Director


Wilson is my go-to lawyer, where I have worked with him for 10 years. He leads his team from Ho Partnership where they have represented us in many successful cases. He and his team are also very hands-on and often gives solutions which are practical and workable.

Wilson is an effective advocate. We often engage him because of his commitment to winning and getting a favourable outcome for us. Wilson also is not afraid to think outside the box, which often yields results. His ability to think creatively and addresses issues with a fresh perspective contributes greatly to our cases.

Gary is very efficient and dedicated in his work. He is also approachable and promptly attends to matters when required.

Hermione is incredibly attentive to our cases and greatly contributed to the successful resolution of the numerous matters.

Kai Hwei is meticulous and diligent in her work. She provides a comprehensive overview of our cases and significantly contributes to solving the disputes.

I am sure that we will still be working with Wilson and his team for many years to come and have no doubt that they will achieve even greater success.

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Macpherson Simon

Managing Partner


Bryan and Hermione represented my company in construction claims involving the LRT and MRT projects. Through the strategic methodology as advised by Ho Partnership, we were able to recover monies owing to our company.

We have continued to entrust Ho Partnership with other legal matters including a matter on breach of fiduciary duties handled and advised by Kimberly.

The team listened intently to our problems and delivered the right practical solutions.

We are confident that the team will continue to ascend to new heights.

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Jacky Chan


CTSM Geotechnology Sdn. Bhd.

Wilson and Kimberly of Ho Partnership have represented us in a construction claim matter. From consultation to resolution, we were enlightened by their detailed explanations and problem-solving skill. I have entrusted Kimberly with other legal matters involving, among others, employment disputes. She concluded these matters with amicable settlements.

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Mac Sze

General Manager

Orient Arotek Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd

The Ho Partnership team, Wilson, Kimberly and Kai Hwei, represented us in multiple matters for my previous company, from entering into agreements to construction claims. With their legal advice and groundwork, we managed to obtain high-value contracts with low risk and retrieve our claims for work done.

Wilson and Kimberly have also been entrusted with reviewing and drafting agreements, among others, guarantees and employment contracts. We are very satisfied with the final agreements that safeguarded our rights.

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Matthew Siaw

Contract & Commercial Manager

formerly of KTN Construction Sdn Bhd

Wilson, Kai Hwei and Kimberly of Ho Partnership have represented us in a multi million-ringgit construction claim. They managed to get us a favourable judgment.

I am highly satisfied with the legal services provided by both Kai Hwei and Kimberly. They constantly updated us on the progress of the case and the next steps forward, including positive outcomes in the case.

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Zamri bin Jasmen


Zafira Bina Sdn Bhd

I am delighted to share our appreciation for the incredible support and assistance provided by Ms Hermione. She is always well-informed about the intricacies of our group’s cases and effectively communicating with us in a timely manner on complex legal information in a clear and concise manner.

She has acted as a reliable bridge between us and Mr Bryan Ho, facilitating effective communication and ensuring a cohesive legal strategy.

Her attention to detail and ability to keep everything running smoothly was truly commendable.

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Chang Chung Yuen

Assistant Group Legal Manager

Waz Lian Group of Companies

As the assistant group legal manager, I had the privilege of working with Mr Bryan Ho for the legal matters that our group of companies faced, and I am thrilled to share my experience of our collaboration.

Mr Bryan’s deep understanding and his extensive experience in handling company legal matters gave us the confidence we needed in responding and handling all the legal matters faced by the company. Throughout the process, he provided us with clear explanations and sound advice, ensuring we were well-informed to make the best decisions for our company.

One of the aspects that stood out most during our collaboration with Bryan was his analysis to the details of the matter, and formulating a comprehensive strategy tailored to the best interest of the company. His promptness in responding to our queries and keeping us updated on the progress of our legal matters case regularly give us confidence in leaving the matter at his hands.

We are grateful for the partnership and relationship established with Mr Bryan.

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Chang Chung Yuen

Assistant Group Legal Manager

Waz Lian Group of Companies

I’d engaged Bryan as co-counsel for several matters over the years, and have been very impressed by him and his team.

The matters include a shareholders' dispute where we successfully obtained an ex parte injunction to foil the attempt to defraud shares. The injunction orders were obtained within a short period of time from receipt of instructions, and the client from Hong Kong was very impressed by this. This matter involved a demanding client and aggressive opponent, and multiple interlocutory applications had to be filed and defended as well. Bryan remained responsive and diligent amidst the tight timelines and pressure. He was assisted by Gary in this matter.

Another matter I’ve been working on with Bryan, concerns a group action by purchasers filed in the High Court against a housing developer, regarding defective houses. The matter involves expert evidence by geotechnical engineers. There were also multiple interlocutory applications, and a fairly difficult opponent. Bryan demonstrated great enthusiasm, passion and perseverance in advancing the rights of the wronged clients. He is assisted by Kimberly and Hermione in this matter.

Both Kimberly and Hermione have demonstrated amazing work ethics and are highly responsive - a testament to the culture and training in the firm. Kimberly is very intelligent, with good research skills. And Hermione is a pleasure to work with, possessing a very likeable temperament.

I would add that Bryan is a terribly industrious lawyer with a good legal mind, and I would recommend him for either counsel or solicitor’s work.

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Choo Mun Wei


Messrs MahWengKwai & Associates

I have known Wilson for over 10 years now. He leads his team consisting also of Gary, Hermione, Kimberly and Kai Hwei where we have worked and collaborated closely together on several matters. Ho Partnership has represented us in all levels of Court, including the Federal Court, for various insolvency related disputes and matters.

Wilson is an efficient and professional lawyer, who has a sharp mind and keen eye for details. When confronted with complex issues, he is able to grasp the matter very quickly and offers legal and practical solutions by thinking outside the box. With his in-depth knowledge and advice, we were able to be successful in numerous matters ranging from disputes arising from liquidation, receivership and judicial management.

On our cases, Wilson is often assisted by Gary where he is very thorough in analysing the facts and issues at hand. Gary is also very responsive and approachable. He is willing to go the extra mile to meet our needs so that the case can progress in our favour.

Overall, I am very pleased with their work and will not hesitate to recommend them to others.

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Dato’ Adam Primus Varghese bin Abdullah

Senior Partner


I had the pleasure of working with Ho Partnership by engaging them as our counsels in multiple construction disputes ranging from Adjudication, Arbitration, and all levels of court including the High Court, Court of Appeal and the Federal Court.

Bryan Ho and his team which comprises of Kai Hwei and Kimberly demonstrated exceptional expertise, persuasive advocacy, and dedication throughout the entire process. Their profound understanding of construction law intricacies, coupled with their strategic approach, consistently delivered favorable outcomes for our clients. I highly recommend Ho Partnership for their performance and would not hesitate to engage them again for any construction-related matters.

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Derrick Oon


Messrs Nazreen Oon & Partners

We would like to thank you and your team for acting on our behalf in our recent legal case. It has been quite a stressful year for us but we have found that with your Firm's professionalism and guidance in these proceedings, it has encouraged us to carry on.

Wilson Ho of Ho Partnership is a highly recommended lawyer. He shows professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness in his work. With his exceptional advocacy skills, Wilson often offers very convincing and practical solutions that have contributed to our company’s multiple successes in Court.

Wilson is also deeply committed and attentive to our matters. He addresses our concerns promptly, which gives me much relief and also confidence that my cases will be taken care of.

Gary Hwang and Hermione Leong are also part of the team. Gary is very pleasant to deal with as he is also hardworking, knowledgeable and approachable. Hermione is a sharp and diligent lawyer who is able to respond without delay and strives hard to ensure a favourable outcome for our company.

I would definitely recommend the services of Ho Partnership to friends and other companies, especially those involved in the construction industry.

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Christo Loh


Tyga Corporation Sdn Bhd

We have engaged Ho Partnership for several of our construction matters. We frequently seek Wilson for his legal advice and expertise in resolving all types of construction disputes, whether it is for claiming unpaid payments or defending against claims for damages.

Ho Partnership also advises us in drafting of various agreements in order to protect our company’s rights and interests. They have also recently helped us to regularise and clean up our employment issues in order to comply with the latest employment laws.

I strongly recommend Wilson and his teammates, Kai Hwei and Kimberly to others. They are extremely professional and are able to respond to our requests very quickly. They have also helped us in winning several cases in adjudication and court on construction matters.

Wilson is able to understand our problems and gives very good solutions to solve them. Both Kai Hwei and Kimberly are also equally dedicated to the matters.

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Kong Tzer Nong


KTN Construction Sdn Bhd

I got to know Gary Hwang from Ho Partnership from the CIPAA adjudication case involving my previous employer. He is very meticulous in gathering information involving the case and has excellent skills in contributing to our Adjudication Response and subsequent affidavits for the enforcement of Adjudication Decision. He is very sharp in small details of the case and is very approachable for discussions with the client. I will be glad to work with him again for any future case involving construction disputes especially in CIPAA adjudication.

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Lee Wei Giap

Construction Manager

Royal HaskoningDHV Sdn Bhd

Wilson Ho from Ho Partnership led the CIPAA adjudication case involving my previous employer where the total claim in dispute was by both parties in excess of RM100 million. He is very professional and has strong advocacy skills, even considering his relative youth. Wilson effectively articulated our case against the contractor’s claim, resulting in a successful outcome for us. Along the adjudication process, Wilson constantly updated the status of our case and advised us on the possible eventualities and next steps to be taken by the client. I will highly recommend him for any case involving construction disputes especially in CIPAA adjudication.

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Lee Wei Giap

Construction Manager

Royal HaskoningDHV Sdn Bhd

My firm has a had few opportunities to work with Ho Partnership, particularly Bryan, Kai Hwei, Kimberly, and Hermione.

Bryan has excellent communication skill, hence he can pick up the client’s concern swiftly. He pays 120% attention to paperwork and records.

Kimberly, Kai Hwei, and Hermione are energetic young ladies who are able to meet deadlines regardless of the workload and the voluminous documents involved.

Collectively, they have acted as legal counsel for my firm at all levels of Court including the Federal Court, in arbitration, and in adjudication under the CIPAA 2012. I have no hesitation in recommending this team to others.

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A property development company in KL

I met Bryan in 2012 when my then company engaged the services of his firm. Bryan represented us in various matters, including a dispute between shareholders and other construction claims disputes. Despite his then young age, he was articulate and precise in his arguments. His knowledge on shareholder disputes and construction law helped us to obtain favourable outcomes.


Fast forward to more than 10 years later, I still engage Bryan for complicated commercial and construction matters. I have also referred him to my fellow peers in the construction industry, with the most recent engagement involving the LRT3 project. I understand that they were successful in obtaining payment from the main contractor.  I am confident that Bryan and his team will continue to achieve greater success in the near future.

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Calvin Woo


Usons Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

We are more than glad to have had the opportunity to work with Ho Partnership, and we especially like to thank Wilson Ho, Kai Hwei and Kimberly.

Wilson, as the leader of their team consistently shows his expertise by offering insightful advice to my company. As their client, I was always confident of my matter because Wilson can deliver to me the best solutions, manage my case well and professionally addresses every single request and enquiry from me. Under his guidance, my company has been successful in several cases. I feel comfortable as he can always represent me to fight the best against the opposing parties.

On the other hand, Kai Hwei is another professional individual. She always keeps me well informed and is very meticulous as she looks into every single detail of the case and makes sure our case is presented well.

As for Kimberly Ng, I also need to give her credit for our few victories. She is calm and professional. Even though Wilson does most of the speaking, but we all know her hard work and her tireless efforts are seen and greatly appreciated.

If professional and efficiency are what you are looking for, Ho Partnership is the one you need.

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Chiew Heng Jun


KST Glass & Aluminium Sdn Bhd